Simple Tips On Time Management Solutions

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With the increasing demands in our lives and the never ending cycle of feeling like theres never enough time to do anything weve all, at some point or another, have asked ourselves, “Are there any real time management solutions?

The simple answer to that is, “yes” there are real time management solutions. In fact, there are now many time management solutions. Among them are 3 very valuable and effective ones. They are often referred to as the Top 3 Time Management Solutions. Here they are:

1.) Eliminate Distraction and Interruption

The reason why this is so effective and one that just works is because when you eliminate distraction and interruption you enter a “zone” where your focus just cannot be broken. Most people, like you may be in your current situation, when they work are very reactive and jump from one task to the next never fully completing one main particular task.

Often times, this is the cause of poor results and having to work overtime on a project or task that you should have completed earlier in the day. The best way to solve this problem is to be ruthless and turn off your cell phone, dont check your email inbox, dont text message anyone, dont make any phone calls no matter how urgent you feel they may be and pretty much just stop doing the things that will distract you and not allow you to give your full focus on your task. And keep in mind this does not mean you have to do this the whole day, because as humans our attention spans cant last that long.

So, just do this for periods at a time or as I like to call it, “blocks of time”, which is preferably in the morning for 60 to 90 minutes at a time. Then take a break or make your phone calls and then come back for another focused block of time. Trust me, it works wonders.

2.) Eliminate Procrastination and Focus on Prioritizing

Among most time management solutions, one of the most popular and highly effective ones is to stop procrastinating and prioritize. It is vital to do add this to your arsenal of time management solutions because if you continue to procrastinate and allow it to take control over your actions it will become extremely difficult to overcome later on.

On top of that, it is widely known that procrastination is the biggest killer of productivity and is a habit that can be so easy to get trapped into.

The way to solve it is to be ruthless and take the most boring or difficult tasks and do them first. Doing this will eliminate the frustration you usually experience if you left your tasks for later in the day. By focusing on completing the most difficult tasks first you greatly increase your chances of not procrastinating and easily become far more productive.

3.) Avoid any desire to work for long periods of time

The reason this is a key component of effective time management solutions is because most of us experience burnout and have the misconception that working ourselves to exhaustion is the way to productivity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Look, I understand showing your dedication and demonstrating your hard work through your countless hours of work may make you feel productive, but in actuality due to the exhaustion and overwhelming stress youre putting yourself through your productivity is drastically going down.

The solution is to work in blocks of time and get to work on your “highest value” task and work for a solid hour to 90 minutes (whichever one you feel most productive with), take a short ten minute break and then work for another hour to 90 minutes.

By changing the way you complete your tasks with these 60 to 90 minute blocks of work time you will experience a more focused, short, high level intensity work pace. This will dramatically increase your results and performance.

Okay, so take some time to really understand these 3 time management solutions. Among all the other time management solutions, they are the most effective. Apply them to your business immediately and watch as your time management and productivity skyrocket.

Improve Your Businesss Freight Management Systems With These Four Solutions

business photoFreight management is a current hot spot within the logistics industry. Often time businesses have a disadvantage when looking into ways to reduce freight costs. They think in the box to often looking at the obvious cost saving techniques. Individuals working within a company have a hard time separating themselves to look at what is and has always been in order to find new and unique ways to change and in turn reduce costs.
This is the exact reason supply chain, logistic consulting companies are hired. When an outside consultant is able to look at the current freight management of a company they see everything for what it is at the point of analysis. This makes it easier for them to determine areas that are proficient and those that are not. Consultants take the not so obvious and suggest putting actions into place within small parcel, ground parcel and international post freight management that will improve service, customer satisfaction and reduce freight costs.
The obvious way to decrease freight costs is by seeking a lower shipping rate with carriers. This is often an area where businesses are lead to believe they are already receiving steep discounts and the room for negotiation is zero. This however is often not the case. Many carriers will lead customers to believe that their steep discount of say 75% is the highest they give anyone. While this may be the case it is important to realize that their lowest price is not always the industrys lowest price. Carrier A may think their 75% discount is incredible but when Carrier B is offering the same service without any discount at all at a lower price that is obviously not the best deal you can be negotiating. Negotiate with Carrier B for a discount on their already lower price is the answer to cost savings in this situation.
Important Freight Management Money Saving Tips
1)Discounts verse Actual Rates: As proven in the above situation a discount is not always leading a client to the lowest actual rate. Even if a carrier is offering a steep discount look to see how overly inflated the original shipping rate is. It is important to determine a firms typical shipment fees rather than their discount. A typical fee schedule lower than other carriers discounted fees shows how jaded discounts or percentages off can really be. It is not a deal to buy a twenty-five dollar crate at a 50% discount form Carrier A when the same crate and service from Carrier B is originally only ten dollars.

2)Fuel Surcharges: This is another area in which companies often get handed extra fees. Many firms think that fuel surcharges are fixed at a certain rate. This is not something that should be assumed. Unless it is written in your agreement with a shipper the freight fuel surcharge they are charging your company could be double what could have been negotiated. This is often an area where a lot of money can be saved.

3)Behind The Scene Daily Operations: When looking at the employee expense involved with freight transportation management you will need to look at the amount of time that is spent daily receiving and reviewing shippers quotes. Even if the company is receiving a smaller number of quotes per shipment and the average shipment per week are ten that are sixty quotes that need to be looked at and evaluated.

If each quotes analysis takes ten minutes you are looking at six hundred minutes or ten hours each week that the transportation manager is tied up reviewing quotes. With the technology that logistic consultants are able to implement now-a-days that time can be decreased substantially. Web based logistic software will help decrease the time spent over the tedious tasks and increase the time spent on money making operations within the firm.

Software implementation helps in other arenas within freight transportation management such as the review and auditing of freight bills. Inaccurate billing leads to lost revenue within the freight division of a firm. It is pertinent that software be implemented to check for inaccuracies within the auditing process to save.

4)Parcel Management: When hiring a freight management consulting firm they will audit the current backend process thoroughly. They will then implement a plan that will work within the organization to minimize time spent handling damage claims, lost shipments, reconciled claims, shipment schedules and paperwork prep. Minimizing the time spent on these aspects with the use of tools and technology specifically designed for the individual operations will increase the profitability of your supply chain. They do this by decreasing human processing errors and employee time wasted finding the problems that need resolved. When the technology finds an error than it is up to the employees to seek out solutions that cannot be handled through the software.

Advanced Management Systems for the Telemarketing Business Sector

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An efficient quality telecommerce management system is vital to supervise and guide your call centre’s functioning, staffing utilization and staffing costs. The normal call centre expends nearly three-quarters of its total budget costs on personnel, so managing how the workforces spend their time at work is pivotal to budget management.

Today’s increasingly high-pressure labour market makes employing each operator efficiently, a prime target. Holding the right total of staff active at the right moment increases customer satisfaction and personnel team spirit by cutting wait times and associate frustration. A dependable telemarketing organisation system can do this for your business organisation.

Many companies are selling telecommerce management systems. Nearly all have like features and functionalities. Telemarketing management systems can be used to tag operator time management and attendance, plan staffing schedules and assignments, and may even interface with the general payroll scheme service providers. The majority of the telemarketing management systems on offer today inter-act immediately with the concern’s other systems, most typically the predictive dialers or automated telephone call distribution systems. This integration is a great cost management feature, securing that payroll department information is accurately reported, billable hours are transcribed and charged precisely, and elimination of manual staff tracking. The greater accuracy means more extended payroll accuracy, more billed hours and not so much time spent checking out and communicating payroll.

Most of the systems feature staff scheduling modules too. Integrating the scheduling operating function with call traffic practices provides more correct and efficient program scheduling of teleselling workers. Appropriate staffing levels not only aid client satisfaction levels but they step-up worker team spirit besides. Advances in decreasing the rate of in the rate of absenteeism, turnover and public presentation are all added extras of keener scheduling, all of which can add to a telemarketing business’s net profit.

All of the telecommerce management systems have sophisticated reporting capabilities, with reports to contend with every item of your telephone call operator’s working day, inclusive of short-break time, education sessions, work time and rest time. Attendance accounts, clock in, as opposed to sign-in time and rates of pay for hours worked reports can be generated by associate, staff supervisor or whole team.

Each of these management tools can be used to step-up a company’s profitableness by more effectively superintending personnel monetary costs and appropriating more time. The real impingement of establishing a satisfactory telemarketing management system is awkward to judge, since its consequence is so diffusive through the whole of the company. Almost all telemarketing business enterprises estimate that their scheduling efficiency can be amended up by just under twenty percent after establishing the planned programs, with the total cost savings lending more net profit to their net profit. Mooting this statistic, nearly all telephone call centre management systems should have a tangible return in just under a year. Of course, advances in client satisfaction and staff morale are less concrete, but equally as noteworthy.

Additions to or upgrading your teleselling management system will have prompt tangible and bottom line consequences. With broad gains in staffing efficiency and the associated monetary cost decrease, and additional advantages in the form of increased customer satisfaction and better business functioning, an upgraded telemarketing management system can be a valuable investment in your business organisation’s prospective future.

Things That Make Loyal Employees

Many things that make an employee can feel at home working in a company. Indeed salary is still a major factor that keeps employees willing to work in the company.

However, there are many other reasons that make employees reluctant to move to work. Starting from position, work environment, to many others. Well, here are the important factors why employees are reluctant to move to work such as:

1. The Facilities Needed Completed

Another factor that affects employees’ desire to remain in the company is the company’s comprehensive and diverse facilities.

Usually the company provides many facilities so that employees can feel comfortable working environment with a familiar atmosphere. The facilities provided are generally residential, healthcare, employee-specific eating places, and many others.

In addition, there are also facilities available in the company itself, such as cafeteria, gym, gaming center, and many others.

2. Given a Fair Enough

Another reason that employees are reluctant to transfer to another company is the amount of benefits given. Surely this benefit can be very useful for employees to save, repay, pay pension funds, and many more.

Usually corporate companies often provide benefits for pensions and health. In fact, some companies also provide other useful benefits, such as wedding allowances and shelter. Companies that provide a lot of benefits like this of course be a dream of employees.

3. Fun Work Atmosphere

Fun working atmosphere is also the reason employees do not want to move to work. Many things can make the work atmosphere fun. Starting from a friendly boss, friendly coworkers, and many others who make employees happy to go to work.

Pleasant company conditions will certainly improve employee performance.

4. The existence of career path

Many people expect a more promising career ladder in a company. If the company you work for provides a promising career ladder, there is no reason to leave the company. With a definite career ladder, surely making an employee becomes more productive.

5. Close to Home

A remote office location will certainly make employees consider looking for a new job. This is precisely what makes you have to rent or rent a house to get close to the office.

Of course this makes you become unfree and spend more for residence and transportation. Therefore, many people will remain in the company if the company’s location is close to where they live.

6. Good Boss

Other reasons that cause employees to work at work at his company can be due to his boss friendly and good. Surely no employee wants to work under the bossy and very bossy command of the boss.

A good boss will certainly make the work environment more fun. Therefore, many employees who leave the company due to the nature of superiors that are not good.

That way, many employees who prefer a superior with a good and fun because it makes more comfortable.

7. Settle in a company that makes you comfortable

There are many reasons why you should survive or not in a company. It would be better if you settle in a company that makes you comfortable.

That way, you can work better and more leverage. And of course will benefit career in the future. Do not settle in a company that does not make you comfortable. Because it will make you unproductive in the work.

Maintain Finances with 6 Ways while the Economic Crisis Happens

The economic crisis can happen anytime. Surely the economic conditions that are in crisis will make many people worried, especially for those who run the business.

This will then make people have to rack my brain about money management so as not to lose when the economic crisis is approaching.

Well, here are some tips that are summarized and can be used to be able to manage finances when the economy is in crisis:

1. Create a Priority Requirement List

The first thing you need to do when the economy is in crisis is to make a list of priority needs.

Determine in advance where the needs are important and main. Do not spend your money on things that are not important.

Under these conditions of crisis, the only proper way is to make savings. What is meant by savings, you must be more careful in spending money for daily needs.

Leave unnecessary desires. Fulfill the needs you put on the priority list.

2. Pay off Debt Immediately Before the Crisis gets worse

Due to the economic conditions that are in crisis, it would be better if you immediately pay off all debts. Especially if the debt is a credit card debt.

If you do not immediately pay off, of course, will make more and more interest. Credit card interest will be greater if not immediately do not pay it off.

3. Allocate Money in the Form of Investment

Another way you can do is to allocate your savings to a form of crisis-resilient investment. Ideally, it would be better if you use the principle of investing without going into one basket. Because it will be very risky.

If you are not good at diversifying funds into some form of investment, of course, will make the investment risk greater.

4. Limit Expenses

Economic conditions that are crisis, it is better to reduce expenditure each month. No need to cut completely, because it is a difficult thing to do.

You just have to reduce your daily expenses. For example, you are subscribed to cable TV. If you feel that this is not necessary, why not try to dismiss your cable TV subscription.

Better to enjoy free TV channels compared to cable TV which is not necessarily too important. You can allocate these costs for savings or other more useful things.

5. Have Much Money in Cash

Although economic conditions are deteriorating, there are many good opportunities that you can take advantage of if you see it. One of them is by increasing the cash.

This is because when conditions are in crisis, some valuable assets are usually sold at a cheaper price because the condition of people who really need money.

That way, it makes a lot of people sell their assets at a sloping price. This opportunity you can use to have productive assets at a low price.

6. Choose the Right Financial Services

When deciding to use the services of a financial institution, you must be careful to anticipate any losses that may occur. The first thing that needs to be ensured is that the financial services company used is really in good health.

What is healthy here is the institution in a state of profit and not experiencing a loss. To know clearly, you can ask information to the Financial Services Authority regarding the financial institutions used.

Apply a Lifestyle Save

When the economy is in crisis, the best way to do is to adopt a frugal lifestyle. Replace your consumptive lifestyle everyday. Do the savings and pruning so that later no loss in the future.